A Journey Towards Jesus

An exciting Christian game for young people of all ages.

Help Eliab to find Jesus before it's too late, through hundreds of levels!

Download the game by clicking on your deviceĀ“s icon to start the installation.

A Journey Towards Jesus - Game

A high quality game for Android / iOS

'A journey towards Jesus' is our first important step into the world of Christian games. Developed by a group of committed and experienced young believers.

A Journey Towards Jesus - Story

A story based on Jesus' era

Will Eliab overcome his fears and be convinced that Jesus is who he claims to be, and not a fraud? Will he be able to find him before it's too late? Does Jesus know about Eliab? If so, what will He do?

A Journey Towards Jesus - Mobile App

Travel the paths where Jesus walked

Go through more than 100 levels full of challenges that will test your knowledge of the Bible. During your trip, you will find all sorts of people who will gladly share their experiences with you.

A Journey Towards Jesus - Levels

Hundreds of levels

Five types of mini-games with hundreds of categories will put you to the test. Will you be able to guide Eliab through roads full of challenging adventures? Don't forget to grab the items needed for each journey, as they will help you when you need them most.